Exceptional Editions

For a decade Northfield Editions have been making the finest handmade book editions by private commission.


We do make books for other artists, however to date our most exceptional editions have been for clients of photographer Allan Pollok-Morris, principally documenting world leading projects in property/estate restoration and redesign.


Books beyond imagination, the reserve of a few gifted, visionary clients who we help document a personal subject in a significant way, often as a very special gift to share with family and friends.  This is furthered in the way we approach projects, bringing together and managing specialist teams to best fit the subject and client. Every aspect of bookbinding, illustration, authorship, scientific or historical research, design, print and book making technology are tailored to the individual client.


Open by appointment we welcome visits from prospective clients to our print production studio and book bindery in Tetbury to share a private view of our exceptional editions made for private clients.


Archival Editions


An 'archival edition' is an very high quality, individually designed, hand-made book that can last for centuries and are a safe alternative to digital archiving.


Northfield Editions is the only publisher making book editions within the functional limitations of the highest quality 'archival' standards, working with long-life book making techniques, while incorporating dynamic book design and contemporary print technologies in making exceptionally fine, individual publications communicating a subject for generations to come.

Please also see Environment/Charity for information on advantages of this form of book making in terms of environmental impact.