Close: Music for an Exhibition - Tue, 18th March 14



To accompany our New York Botanical Garden Exhibition, a 7 track instrumental audio CD of music for the exhibition by composers and musicians 'Little Sparta' titled 'Close: Music for an Exhibition', previously performed live at the Fleming Collection in Mayfair is available to download on for the special price of £5.



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New York Botanical Garden Exhibition - Sat, 12th October 13


October 13-March 14.  Exhibition 'Close:  A Journey in Scotland.  The Photography of Allan Pollok-Morris' New York Botanical Garden.  Taken from our book 'Close:  Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland'


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Exhibition for Rendex Vous Aux Jardins - Sat, 1st June 13


Exhibition of photography by Allan Pollok-Morris celebrating the work of garden makers taken from Northfield Editions publications staged at Les Jardins du Chaigne in Charante France for the national Rendez Vous aux Jardins.



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German Language Edition - Wed, 8th May 13


Co publishing with DVA of the German language book 'Garten, Parks, und Land Art in Schottland' by Allan Pollok-Morris


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New York Botanical Garden Curate 'Close' Exhibition - Tue, 12th March 13


The New York Botanical Garden announce exhibition taken from the book 'Close:  Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland' to be staged in the Ross Gallery Autumn-Spring 2013/14


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The Fleming Collection Mayfair - Tue, 1st May 12


Prints from the book 'Close:  Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland' on show at the Fleming Collection Gallery to June 2nd.


Also as part of the series:


Inspirations in Scottish Landscape: An Evening of Music and Conversation
Tuesday 1st May, 7-9pm, doors open 6.30pm
At: The Fleming Collection, 13 Berkeley Street, London W1J 8DU

As a part of the ‘Made In Scotland’ event series The Fleming Collection explores the reach and strength of contemporary Scottish heritage in works inspired by the natural and man-made Scottish landscape.

The audience is invited to explore contemporary music, words and art collections inspired by journeys through art in the Scottish landscape. Mary Miers, Art and Architecture Editor of Country Life and author of ‘Highlands and Islands of Scotland: Poetry and Place’; Allan Pollok-Morris, photographer and author of the book behind the Smithsonian and New York Botanical Garden exhibition ‘Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland’ and Angus MacDonald, entrepreneur, art collector and owner of Roshven will share their works and collections inspired by the Scottish Landscape. Musicians and composers Susie Honeyman, Alan Boyd and Scott Skinner of the band Little Sparta will perform music inspired by art in the Scottish landscape.

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Garden Design Journal on Archival Editions by Northfield Editions - Mon, 18th July 11



Garden Design Journal editor Sarah Giles interviews Allan Pollok-Morris and writes about the hand made archival book editions made by Northfield Editions:


Article on our facebook page



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The American Association of Landscape Architects on 'Close' - Thu, 10th March 11


The ASLA blog on 'Close'



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The Landscape Institute on 'Close' - Thu, 10th March 11

James Cash writes about 'Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland'


The Landscape Institute article on 'Close'





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Washington Post Review 'Close' Exhibition and Book - Sat, 26th February 11



Adrian Higgins at the Washington Post reviews 'Close' exhibition and book.


Washington Post Article



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Reckless Gardener interview Allan Pollok-Morris - Sat, 19th February 11


See the interview

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Roll Call review 'Close' - Sat, 19th February 11



Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill review 'Close' US Botanic Garden 'Close exhibition and book


See the article

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'Close: A journey in Scotland' United States Botanic Garden - Fri, 7th January 11

22nd of January - 5th of June 2011



A new exhibition in the USBG in the heart of the Smithsonian complex on Capitol Hill.  50 large format photographs by Allan Pollok-Morris from the Northfield Editions book 'Close' celebrating the important role of Landscape Design and Land Art in international Arts and Culture.


United States Botanic Garden Press Release



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Stephen Anderton on 'Close' in the Times newspaper - Sun, 21st November 10




The Times newspaper (London edition) books for Christmas chooses 'Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland' as one of their books of the year with the following review by Stephen Anderton:



'Far more serious is 'Close' from Allan Pollok-Morris (Northfield Editions, £34.99), a photographer who has pointed his lens down the length of Scotland looking at a fine selection of its most ambitious gardens. The landscape is never far away in Scottish gardens and he finds that sense of location in all 21 gardens, as well as their guiding personalities. It is so refreshing to see pictures taken mostly at eye level, not crouched fashionably among the waving perennials. These are not small or cheaply made gardens, but they are truly inspirational and you will return to these images again and again.'


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United States Botanic Garden Exhibition - Sun, 24th October 10


We have received an exciting invitation to travel the exhibition 'Close:  A journey in Scotland' by Allan Pollok-Morris to the United States Botanic Garden on Capitol Hill, Washington DC.  A large space will show an exhibition of photography and film from the book 'Close' and the USBG will host a set of talks.  More info will be posted closer to Christmas here and on the Northfield Editions Facebook page.

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BBC Gardens Illustrated 'Close' Gallery online - Tue, 28th September 10

BBC Gardens Illustrated Online

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Garden Design Journal Review of 'Close' - Fri, 27th August 10


Catherine Heatherington reviews 'Close:  Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland' the Garden Design Journal September issue:


'Allan Pollok-Morris' book is structured around the idea of the journey north - starting in Dumfriesshire with Jim Buchanan's emphemeral labyrinths drawn in the sand and washed away by the next tide, and finally arriving at Dunbeath Castle in North-East Scotland, photographed in an ominous half-light, solid and unchanging on a cliff edge and sheltering a garden designed by Xa Tollemache.  The journey travels through gardens, sculptures and land art created in diverse locations from small unremarkable urban spaces to massive, wild and evocative landscapes where they battle 100 mph winds.  There is an occasional detour to a Hebridean island and a visit to the Sculpture Park of Jupiter Artland.  There are gardens exposed to the full force of the weather and others sheltered by high walls and hedges.


This is an art book on two levels (maybe even three if the wonderful, clear design, and illustration by Gary Hincks and Richard Demarco are included).  First there are Pollok-Morris' evocative photographs, which in their turn record works of art - gardens, land art and sculpture.  Pollok-Morris sees his work as documentary, creating images that speak of the designers' intentions rather than adding his own layers to the scene.  In each photo he tries to experience 'the place in the whole of the moment'.  Usually there are no people although there are sometimes, wonderfully quirky portraits of the designers - Gerald Laing pedaling his 'water bike' along a pond, for instance.


'Close', the title of this collection, is a Scottish word to describe a landscape where heaven feels close to the earth.  Pollok-Morris shows us a Scotland of dark clouds, light filtering through trees, the glimmer of mountains and cityscapes on the horizon and often the sea or loch, unusually still and reflective.  In many of the photos, the tension is in this glimpse of the landscape outside the garden, in the juxtapositions between culture, art and the wildness.  This is not about 'borrowed landscape', it is much more about contrasts, about making the elements visible and visceral; the gardens are not separate from their surroundings but nor are they fully integrated into it.


For the reader who wants words as well as images, each artist and designer writes about their work, and there are detailed captions easily accessible at the back of the book.  If you are lucky enough to be travelling west to Chicago this summer you can see Pollok-Morris' photographs at the Botanic Gardens (until 26 September).  Otherwise you can experience the journey north through the pages of this exceptional book.'


Catherine Heatherington MSGD

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Country Life Magazine Review - Fri, 13th August 10



Mary Miers, Art Director of Country Life Magazine reviews 'Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland' in issue out August 11th:


'Accompanying an exhibition of his work in the Chicago Botanic Garden (until the end of September), photographer Allan Pollok-Morris has produced an updated and more splendid edition of his 2008 book, with foreword by Sir Roy Strong and an essay by Tim Richardson.


Charting a five-year Scottish odyssey, it explores new works by landscape designers and land artists, from Charles Jencks's Garden of Cosmic Speculation and Nicky and Robert Wilson's Jupiter Artland, to less-known projects such as Zara Milligan's Dunesslin in Dumfriesshire, Peter Cool's Jura House Garden and Roscher & Rankin's Hidden Garden Glasgow.


The photographs convey the genius loci, the challenge and texture of weather and landscape and the emotions of designers and land artists, whose portraits and written descriptions he includes.'

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BBC Gardens Illustrated August issue review by John Hoyland - Sat, 31st July 10

'Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland'


'Scotland, home to some of the world's great gardens and plant collections, has long been ...ignored by the London-based book-publishing industry. With 'Close', photographer Allan Pollok-Morris has taken a big step towards filling this gap.

The book focuses on modern gardens and landscapes, and on the artists and designers who have created them. Two of Britain's most important contemporary gardens, Little Sparta and the Garden of Cosmic Speculation, are in Scotland. Pollok-Morris shows that these are just part of the country's dynamic garden-making, ranging from the conceptualist design of Glasgow's Hidden Gardens project to the exuberant plantings in the gardens at Cambo House in Fife.

The photographs of the gardens and landscapes are sumptuous. Pollok-Morris also displays his skills as an accomplished portrait photographer, presenting a series of garden-makers in their gardens.'

. . .

The Times - Mon, 14th June 10

Annie Gatti on 'Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland'


'The garden’s [Jupiter Artland] works of art are gloriously captured in both summer and winter by the photographer Allan Pollok-Morris in his new book on Scottish gardens and land art.'

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Magazine Features with outakes from 'Close' - Thu, 10th June 10


Garden Design Journal May and June issues, photographs of the work of Alec Finlay and The Hidden Gardens in Glasgow from the 2nd Edition of 'Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland' featured in the Garden Design Journal


House and Garden March - Photographs of Jutpiter Artland from the forthcoming 'Close' exhibition and book featured in House and Garden with preview information and contributors interview with Allan Pollok-Morris

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Jupiter Artland opening with 'Close' as book for 2010 - Sat, 15th May 10


15th May Jupiter Artland Edinburgh open with 'Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland' as their 'guide' for 2010:

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Book of the month @ Beyond Words - Tue, 11th May 10


Beyond Words, the Edinburgh based online photographic book retailer are the first retailer in the UK to receive stock of the new edition of 'Close' and they have kindly made it their book of the month

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Launch of 2nd edition of 'Close' in Chicago. - Sun, 25th April 10

Image Thumbnail 1


Launch of 2nd edition of 'Close' in Chicago.

24th April Hardback book 'Close: Landscape Design and Land Art in Scotland' launches at the Chicago Botanic Garden:

. . .

Chicago Exhibition - Sat, 24th April 10


24th April - 26th September 'Close: A Journey in Scotland' opens in Chicago Botanic Garden, 50 prints by photographer Allan Pollok-Morris and film by Northfield Editions

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1st edition news - Fri, 5th March 10


Some news and reviews for the 1st edition of the hard back book 'Close' in advance of the second edition in April.  A limited edition of the last 50 signed 1st editions is available on our book pages.


The first edition of "Close" was in "The Independent Magazine's" 4 garden books of 2008, "The Daily Telegraph's" top 10 of 2008, "The Scotsman's" arts and culture choice for 2008, and "The Herald's" arts and culture books of 2009, and Allan Pollok-Morris was nominated as finalist for the 'Book Photographer of the Year' by the Garden Media Guild for photography in this collection.

1'st edition reviews:

'Though I go there every year, I'm an interloper in Scotland, but this beautifully made book made me feel as homesick as if it were my own country too.'
Anna Pavord, The Independent Magazine

'One has the sense that really good garden photographers are born, not made... This seems to be the case with Allan Pollok-Morris... This is the book of the exhibition and it is a fine artifact in its own right.'
The Daily Telegraph

'One of my favourite books of this year, photographer Allan Pollok-Morris's love letter to landscape art in Scotland, from unusual gardens like Little Sparta and the Hidden Gardens at Tramway in Glasgow, to work by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy and Jim Buchanan. It's a beautiful book that captures both the wildness and tranquillity of this country."
The Scotsman Arts & Culture.

'Most of these new gardens are green and tranquil; some, such as Charles Jencks's and Ian Hamilton Finlay's, are philosophical; and the worst thing you can say about this book is that it makes you want to go and visit them all.'
The Herald

'There is a sense of grand endeavour that stands out on every page.'The Sunday Times 'In the short accompanying texts Pollok-Morris has elicited some personal and profound thoughts. Andy Goldsworthy, creating a cairn for his local village, reveals that he feels self-conscious about working so prominently in his home place. Dr Thomas Smith in Aberdeen has thought deeply about the meaning of gardens and what they provide.'
Journal of the Royal Caledonian Horticultural Society, Bicentenary edition


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